National Making Life Beautiful Day 2016 —Day of Beauty for Sondra Hernandez

In honor of National Making Life Beautiful Day 2016, Apriority Foundation with Apriori Beauty partnered with Women Helping Women — an extraordinary organization that helps unemployed and underemployed women with skills and resources to get and keep a job — to provide two exceptional women with a day of beauty.

“We think you will be moved by the stories of Tracy Megee and Sondra Hernandez who are two women we have chosen to be the recipients of this wonderful Day of Beauty that Apriori Beauty is hosting! Both ladies have been actively involved in our workshops at WHW and have compelling stories of how they are working to overcome the obstacles they have faced in life. We are excited about our partnership with Apriori Beauty and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide some deserving women with makeovers. This is a tremendous gift and will go a long way in helping these women who are struggling by giving them a new found confidence in themselves to move forward in securing a job.” — ROBYN WILLIAMS, Chief Program Office, WHW


Meet Sondra Hernandez. She enjoyed a facial, hair cut and color, and makeup application at Salon Sauvage in Laguna Niguel. She also received a gift certificate to enjoy a nice dinner out after her day of beauty and Apriori Beauty’s  full line Celloxylin skincare and treatment products to enjoy at home.

“My name is Sondra. I have had a full life. Full of good experiences — great athlete, good friend and good mother. I have had my share of downs, my father was an alcoholic and my mother was seriously depressed. Some of my first skills were to take care of myself and my siblings. When you learn this, it is more reactive, you don’t trust others and you don’t ask for help. I kept everything inside and that has stayed with me until today. If I do share, it is usually like a volcano; the need is so dire that people are taken back. I do not ask for anything because I do not want to hear ‘No,’ or have people see me as vulnerable. On the outside, I look strong, able to take care of myself and in-charge. If only people saw the inside of me, not able to ask for anything, anxious and awkward. A watershed moment in my life was at the age of seventeen, living in another country with my family, I was raped. I could not tell anyone because I was ashamed and scared. I realized four weeks later that maybe I was pregnant. Yes I was pregnant. I hide the pregnancy, played varsity basketball and graduated from high school. On Labor Day of that year, I gave birth, placed my child up for adoption and started college. That was the start of my so called adult life.” SONDRA HERNANDEZ

National #‎MakingLifeBeautiful Day is all about performing Random Acts of Beauty that help Make someone else’s Life Beautiful. Whether it be opening the door for someone, buying the person behind you a cup of coffee, smiling at a stranger, or giving them a day of beauty, every small action has the potential to leave a lasting positive effect. Celebrate National Making Life Beautiful Day annually on June 11th.



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