Sharing a dress (or two) for success!

November 6, 2013


For Apriori Beauty’s annual “Making Life Beautiful” conference | MLB 2013, Apriori Beauty had the opportunity to join forces with a local non-profit, Working Wardrobes. Based out of Orange County, California, Working Wardrobes empowers women and men overcoming difficult challenges to confidently enter the workforce and achieve success by offering career training, job placement assistance, and professional wardrobe services.

Apriori Beauty asked each MLB attendee to clean out their closet (and husband’s closet) and bring any purses, shoes, belts, and business-attire in good condition that they would like to donate to Working Wardrobes on the first night of the conference. Between Consultants shipping out clothes and bringing an extra suitcase with them on the airplane, Apriori Beauty presented 4 racks of clothing and apparel that consisted of business suits, dresses, skirts, shoes, and purses to Working Wardrobes. We are extremely grateful to have worked with this incredible organization who continues to make a positive impact for men and women by giving them the opportunity to succeed, both professionally and personally.

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